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Google Toolbar button

For those Google Toolbar users, there exists Google Toolbar version 4 which will allow you to install custom buttons. With the custom button for the, you can search this web site from the search box in the toolbar. Alternatively, you can also highlight a text on a web page, then right-click on the highlighted word, and select "More Search Types -> Free eBook Search" from the dialog box to find ebooks. The button will also display the latest additions to the ebook repositary from the webfeed.

Click here to install the button to the Google Toolbar.
Click here to download the Google Toolbar version 4 (free).

Sorry firefox users! as of now custom toolbar buttons are only supported in Internet Explorer.

Launched on Aug 28.

RSS Feed

Good news folks!
We proudly presents the RSS feeds for the "New Books Added" and "Most popular books" both sectionwise and sitewise. This stuff will be lot useful for our kind users.
Please visit RSS Page for more details.
We have also included Livemarking support for firefox users.

Those who are new to RSS, please visit this page

Launched on Feb 28.

Firefox Extension

Yes, as assured, we released a FireFox Extension.
This extension features a list of search options from Book Name, ISBN(10 Digits), Author etc. Search with the highlighted text/right click for your favourite Free ebooks. This extension will guide the query to a landing page.

Worst Case, If the ebook you are looking for isnt available you will be provided with a keyword search with

Get it from or download it from us
Launched on Feb 13.

Association with Amazon

Amazon Associate HOT NEWS FOLKS.. freebookzone is now an associate of Amazon, the biggest booksellers on the web. Now all you need to do is select the book from us and pay via your account. As simple as that.

Look for eBooks

Taking into account the overwhelming number of requests, freebookzone now lets you search ebooks by title, isbn, author, description etc. click here to find the book you're looking for.

New Design

With the new UI design of, its easy to explore the ebooks and find the one in your mind. Now we provide the details such as ISBN, Author(s), Available ebook formats and a description. Also the alternate links if you find the primary ebook link is missing. Now you have a list of related books, extracted from other sections of

Roap Map

What's Ahead

Personalized home module module for Google Personalized home. Now you dont have to access to search for your ebooks. Do it right from your Personalized home.

Related Links

Will be available in early October.

Tech Updates
Once we make sure, we are getting the expected number of visitors, We will be up with a Technology Updates column.
Under Discussion.

User Review/Rating Space
In future, all users will be able to post their reviews and Rate each article. No doubt,there will be a RSS feed for this column.
Under Discussion.

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