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Firefox Features

Tabbed Browsing

Firefox comes with a few useful features that set it apart from Internet Explorer. One of the most noticeable is tabbed browsing. If you are browsing in Internet Explorer, and you want to visit a new Web site while keeping your current one open, you have to open a completely new browser window. Intensive Web surfing can result in browser windows cluttering up your taskbar and dragging on system resources. Firefox solves that by allowing sites to open in separate tabs within the same browser window. Instead of switching between browser windows, a user can change between two or more different sites by clicking on the tabs that appear just below the toolbar in Firefox.

Update notifications

The update mechanism works cool! Firefox shows us the list of updates that are available and offers us to download. It is not limited to the base code, but for the extensions and themes.

Live Bookmarks

Livemarks are a cross between aggregation channels and bookmarks - Live Bookmarks if you like. If a page has an RSS feed, a lightning icon appears in the fourth box on the status bar, and clicking on it lets you choose a Livemark to add to your bookmarks. The livemark then appears as a folder, with its items as bookmarks in the folder. It's quite a basic but potentially useful function. It Supports Atom/RDF/RSS feeds.

Secure sites

If you are connected to a secure site, then the address bar will have a padlock by the arrow on the right and the background will turn yellow. The padlock also appears on the status bar as normal. Therefore, if the address bar isn’t yellow, then it’s not safe to give over credit card details. IE6 can only manage 128-bit, so your data is even safer with firefox.

Why we are interested in FireFox?


Some of the ebooks listed here are in compressed html format. A web browser which automatically decompress these webpages is Mozilla Firefox. Please note that internet explorer 6 do not support this mechanism.

Faster Browsing

Improvements to the engine that powers Firefox deliver more accurate display of the pages in FreeBookZone and all other complex Web sites.


Firefox is the most customisable browser. You can do more than browsing with this. is utilising all the features of firefox. We have developed an extension for eBook Search. Now you dont have to access the website home page to search for a book. You can do straight away from firefox... Select the desired search -> Right Click -> Select eBook Search and select the criteria. Your results will be shown in a new tab. Click here to download eBook Search extension.

Along with the extension, your browser will be installed with FreeBookZone Search engine. You can search for books by using the search box provided in the top right pane. Click here if you want to install search engine alone.
Update: IE7 supports adding search providers. Click Here, if you are using Internet Explorer 7

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RSS Support provides updates through feeds and does not use the traditional email updates. RSS is the next generation subscription option. Its a pulling method and is far better than the annoying email system. Click here to learn RSS and the ways to subscribe to our feeds

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