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Multimedia & Game Development

Book Title : Macromedia Flash 8 for Dummies
eBook download format(s) : pdf
ISBN-10 : 0764596918 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-764596-91-9 
Author(s) : Ellen Finkelstein Gurdy Leete 
Publisher : For Dummies (14 Nov 2005)
Section : Multimedia & Game Development
Book Review:

Book Description
Make the Web interactive with your own animations

Liven up your Web site with graphics that move, buttons that light up, and more

Flash is fun - and this book makes it easy whether you're using a Mac(r) or Windows(r). Fill letters with images, create buttons that glow or change color when you pass your mouse over them, play video and sound files, morph objects into different ones, and do dozens of other things to make your site flashier.

Discover how to
* Create animated text
* Find sample Flash files
* Explore links to additional information
* Add sound and video
* Build great user interfaces
* Publish your Flash files

Download Description
Flash is the most popular Web animation tool in the world, widely used by Web designers, game developers, and others who want to add vibrant content to a Web site This book shows Flash newcomers how to get up and running quickly, demonstrating how to create and edit objects, add interactive elements, work with sound, animate objects, and deliver the finished product online Explains how to incorporate streaming video elements and create presentations for mobile devices Now thoroughly updated to cover new program features and enhancements

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