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CS -> Theory

Book Title : Lecture Notes on Algorithm Analysis and Computational Complexity (4th Edition)
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Author(s) : Ian Parberry
Section : CS -> Theory
Book Review:

Book Description
These lecture notes are almost exact copies of the overhead projector transparencies used by the author in his course of Algorithm Analysis and Complexity Theory at the University of North Texas. The material comes from:
- textbooks on algorithm design and analysis,
- textbooks on other subjects,
- research monographs,
- papers in research journals and conference.

Since this is not a textbook, readers probably already aware that to get the best use of this note they need to attend the course itself. Not to worry though, the note itself is readable, neatly summarized and contains 219 sophisticated graphics. It makes a good reference.

Then again, readers are expected to able to program in some procedural programming language such as C or C , and to be able to deal with discrete mathematics. Some familiarity with basic data structures and algorithm analysis techniques is also assumed.

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