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DB -> DB / 2

Book Title : IBM ESS and IBM DB2 UDB Working Together
eBook download format(s) : HTML PDF 
ISBN-10 : 0738422584 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-738422-58-9 
Author(s) : Barry Mellish John Aschoff Bryan Cox Dawn Seymour 
Publisher : Ibm (Nov 2001)
Section : DB -> DB / 2
Book Review:

Book Description
This IBM Redbook gives you information to use the IBM Enterprise Storage Subsystem with IBM DB2 Universal Database. Most of the information presented here applies to UNIX and Windows environments. Our examples are only for AIX.

First, we supply an overview of the products that we use in our environment and introduce the terminology. Next, we discuss the configuration options available for these products and the methodology that we recommend for sizing an Enterprise Storage Subsystem for use with the DB2 Universal Database.

We also discuss the challenges of mapping the system resources to the database activity in an ESS environment, and we discuss the diagnostic tools which are available and how to use them when working with performance issues. Then we discuss backup and recovery and explain some of the new features available with DB2 UDB V7.2, which enable some of the ESS capabilities. Last, we include our test examples.

This book is intended to be read by systems administrators, storage specialists, database administrators and database specialists. We assume a base knowledge of either: ESS, AIX and/or DB2 and intend that this book will help you understand your area of expertise in a wider context.

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