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DB -> Oracle

Book Title : Oracle PL/SQL CD Bookshelf
eBook download format(s) : HTML HTML 
ISBN-10 : 1565928490 
ISBN-13 : 978-1-565928-49-7 
Author(s) : O'Reilly & Associates
Publisher : O'Reilly Media (Jul 2000)
Section : DB -> Oracle
Book Review:

Book Description
Computer professionals increasingly rely on the Web, online help, and other online information sources to relieve information pain. Now O'Reilly's Oracle PL/SQL CD Bookshelf allows convenient online access to updates of favorite O'Reilly Oracle books. The Oracle PL/SQL CD Bookshelf contains a powerhouse of Animal books for the Oracle PL/SQL developer--all readable with a web browser on a convenient CD-ROM. A bonus hard-copy book, Oracle PL/SQL Programming: A Guide to Oracle 8i Features, is also included. In addition, the CD-ROM includes the complete text of seven books: Oracle PL/SQL Programming; Advanced PL/SQL Programming; Oracle Web Applications; Oracle Built-in Packages; Oracle PL/SQL Pocket Reference; Oracle Built-ins Pocket Reference; and Oracle PL/SQL Programming: A Guide to Oracle 8i Features. Never has it been easier to learn, or look up, needed information. Formatted in HTML, The Oracle PL/SQL CD Bookshelf can be read by any web browser. The books are fully searchable and cross-referenced. In addition to individual indexes for each book, there's a master index for the entire library.

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