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DB -> Others

Book Title : Informix Unleashed
eBook download format(s) : HTML HTML HTML HTML 
ISBN-10 : 0672306506 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-672306-50-1 
Author(s) : Glenn Miller Jim Prajesh Jose Fortuny John McNally 
Publisher : Sams (Jun 1997)
Section : DB -> Others
Book Review:

From the Publisher
Informix is one of the most popular databases in the market today, and the need for a comprehensive, value-added, all-in-one resource to this powerful database continues to grow. Using a hands-on approach, this guide serves as a high-level tutorial for users who are new to Informix and as a helpful reference for those who know the product but need additional tips, tricks, and workarounds. From installation and configuration through all phases of development and administration, this must-have resource covers it all. - Shows how to develop robust, sophisticated Informix applications

  • Explores Online Dynamic Server, parallel database query, tuning and optimization, Informix SQL, data management, coding, 4GL, serving data on the Web, and more

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