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Book Title : The Hand-Me-Down PC: Upgrading and Repairing Personal Computers
eBook download format(s) : HTM
ISBN-10 : 007053523X 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-070535-23-7 
Author(s) : Morris Rosenthal
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Companies (Oct 1997)
Section : Computer Hardware
Book Review:
Though the computer makers would have you believe otherwise, most people who own personal computers have rather old ones. For every new Pentium III out there, there are several pre-Pentium models out there. That's why The Hand-Me-Down PC remains relevant today. Morris Rosenthal's focus on the technologies of early Pentium chips and their predecessors means you can use The Hand-Me-Down PC to wring the most performance out of your old machine.

After providing a brief orientation on the appearance of various PC components and their purposes (and a slapdash foray into software), Rosenthal shows you the most cost-effective ways to improve an old computer's speed. He accurately names more random access memory (RAM) as the single best improvement you can make to a computer, then goes on to show you how to carry out a processor upgrade or replace both the processor and the motherboard. The book's motherboard-replacement instructions would be better if they were less text-heavy--illustrations might have helped to clarify this fairly elaborate procedure.

Later, the author goes on to show how to add and replace hard drives, covering several standard models. He also talks about modems, sound cards, CD-ROM drives, and other popular upgrades before offering some strategies for tracking down the source of mystery problems. --David Wall

Book Description
Linked to a popular Website, this book offers genuine, jargon-free upgrading and repairing help for anyone with an older-model PC, whether hand-me-down or newly purchased as an obsolete bargain. Rosenthal assumes nothing--not even that you know how to take the case off your computer--yet his help is so expert and knowledgeable that his site is a favorite with techies worldwide. Featuring 25 upgrades below 400 (most much less) he tells you exactly how to do it yourself. In the process, he actually makes PCs totally understandable, even to completely nontechnical types.

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