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Book Title : Writing Security Tools And Exploits
eBook download format(s) : rar
ISBN-10 : 1597499978 
ISBN-13 : 978-1-597499-97-2 
Author(s) : James C. Foster
Publisher : Syngress Publishing (Sep 2005)
Section : Internet
Book Review:

Book Description
Learn to Write the Security Tools the Other Books Only Teach You to Use

Exploits. In information technology circles, the term exploits has become synonymous with vulnerabilities. It is a scary word that can keep you up at night wondering if you have purchased the best firewalls, configured your new host-based intrusion prevention system correctly, and patched your entire environment. It's also a topic that can enter the security water-cooler discussions faster than McAfee's new wicked antivirus software or Symantec's latest acquisition. Exploits are proof that the computer science or software programming community still does not have an understanding of how to design, create, and implement secure code.

  • Write Solid Shellcode
    Learn the techniques used to make the most out of vulnerabilities by employing the correct shellcode.
  • Reverse Connection Shellcode
    See how reverse connection shellcode makes a connection from a hacked system to a different system where it can be caught using network tools such as netcat.
  • Buffer Overflow Exploits
    Find techniques to protect against buffer overflows such as allocating buffers for string operations dynamically on the heap.
  • Heap Overflows
    Heap overflows have become the most prominent software security bugs. See how they can have varying exploitation techniques and consequences.
  • Format Strings
    Format string vulnerabilities occur when programmers pass externally supplied data to a print f function (or similar) as part of the format string argument.
  • Race Conditions
    Nearly all race condition exploits are written from a local attacker's perspective and have the potential to escalate privileges, overwrite files, or compromise protected data.
  • Exploitable Integer Bugs
    See how integer bugs are harder for a researcher to spot than stack overflow vulnerabilities and learn why the implications of integer calculation errors are less understood by developers as a whole.
  • Code for Nessus
    Use NASLs to check for security vulnerabilities or misconfigurations.
  • Metasploit Framework (MSF)
    Use MSF and its components, msfweb, msfconsole, and msfcli, as an exploitation platform.
  • Meterpreter Extensions
    Use the power of the Meterpreter payload system to load custom-written DLLs into an exploited process's address space.

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