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Book Title : The Information Security Dictionary: Defining the Terms that Define Security for E-Business, Internet, Information and Wireless Technology
eBook download format(s) : rar
ISBN-10 : 1402078897 
ISBN-13 : 978-1-402078-89-7 
Author(s) : Urs E. Gattiker
Publisher : Springer (14 Jul 2004)
Section : Internet
Book Review:

Book Description

The Information Security Dictionary provides complete and easy to read explanations of common security and infrastructure protection terms. Special attention is given to terms that most often prevent educated readers from understanding journal articles or books in cryptography, computer security, information systems, role-based access management and applied fields that build on those disciplines. Also included in the dictionary are terms that refer to computing forensics, malware attacks, privacy issues, system design, security auditing and vulnerability testing.

This essential reference tool presents cutting-edge information on the most recent terms in use, in one concisely formatted volume. Similar to dictionaries for languages, statistics, epidemiology, and other disciplines, The Information Security Dictionary will be a valuable addition to the library of any IT professional and IT student.

The Information Security Dictionary is designed for a professional audience, composed of researchers and practitioners in industry. This dictionary is also suitable for students in computer science, engineering, and information sciences.

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