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Book Title : 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google
eBook download format(s) : pdf htm htm 
ISBN-10 : 1411693418 
ISBN-13 : 978-1-411693-41-8 
Author(s) : Philipp Lenssen
Publisher : (08 May 2006)
Section : Internet
Book Review:

Book Description
You probably use Google everyday, but do you know... the Google Snake Game? Googledromes? Memecodes? Googlesport? The Google Calculator? Googlepark and Google Weddings? Google hacking, fighting and rhyming? In this book, you'll find Google-related games, oddities, cartoons, tips, stories and everything else that's fun. Reading it, you won't be the same searcher as before! No programming skills needed. (From the author of Google Blogoscoped.)

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