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Java Enterprise Edition

Book Title : Presenting JavaBeans
eBook download format(s) : HTM
ISBN-10 : 1575212870 
ISBN-13 : 978-1-575212-87-6 
Author(s) : Michael Morrison
Publisher : (Mar 1997)
Section : Java Enterprise Edition
Book Review:
Michael Morrison, the coauthor of How to Program JavaBeans, has written this very good one-book introduction to JavaBeans on his own. Presenting JavaBeans offers a clear assessment of JavaBeans at a conceptual level and lucid instructions on how to program with them.

The author begins with JavaBeans as a component model, along with other models like ActiveX and CORBA. He then proceeds to such JavaBeans basics as introspection, event handling, persistence, and even application builder support--a feature that allows Bean developers to add wizards to automate designing with JavaBeans. Morrison also discusses the architecture of a Bean, which is useful since a Bean is not just a collection of application program interfaces (APIs). He examines the basics of the structure of JavaBeans as well as JAR files. The author also recognizes that, until our tools mature, Beans will still need to be hand-coded. He presents code for actual working Beans for a "fancy" button, a meter bar, and an audio player Bean, which also demonstrates how you can work with multimedia within JavaBeans.

The books round out with a handy quick reference to common JDK 1.1 API. Presenting JavaBeans succeeds in providing a lot of information clearly, without getting weighted down in too many specifics.

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