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Java Enterprise Edition

Book Title : JBoss Administration and Development 2nd Ed
eBook download format(s) : PDF
ISBN-10 : 0672323478 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-672323-47-8 
Author(s) : Marc Fleury Scott Stark The JBoss Group 
Publisher : Sams (20 Mar 2002)
Section : Java Enterprise Edition
Book Review:

Book Description
The Official JBoss Development and Administration Guide offers a single source for information about deploying, administering, and extending JBoss. The book provides up-close and in-depth information both about the intricacies of JBoss and the best practices of J2EE development. The reader will be able, though this book, to install JBoss and develop J2EE applications as well as extending and enhancing JBoss itself--a primary benefit of the open-source nature of the JBoss product.

Download Description
The Official JBoss Development and Administration Guide offers a single source for information about deploying, administering, and extending JBoss. The book provides up-close and in-depth information both about the intricacies of JBoss and the best practices of J2EE development. The reader will be able, though this book, to install JBoss and develop J2EE applications as well as extending and enhancing JBoss itself--a primary benefit of the open-source nature of the JBoss product. --This text refers to the Digital edition.

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IBM eServer pSeries Systems Handbook 2003 Edition
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Building Service-Oriented Banking Solutions with IBM Banking Industry Models and Rational SDP
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The Value of the Mainframe in Service Oriented Architecture
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Object-Oriented System Development
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