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Java Enterprise Edition

Book Title : Factoring JavaBeans in the Enterprise
eBook download format(s) : HTM PDF 
ISBN-10 : 073840389X 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-738403-89-2 
Author(s) : Henri Jubin The Jalapeņo Team 
Publisher : Ibm (Dec 1997)
Section : Java Enterprise Edition
Book Review:

JavaBeans have very quickly garnered a large number of industry supporters, and a significant number of JavaBeans-based conferences, books, Websites, and training classes have sprung up. Very soon, a large number of new JavaBeans-based tools will be available. And yet, many questions are still flowing around JavaBeans: What are they? Why and how do we use them? What comes next?

We may regard the process of adopting any new technology as having three phases. In the first phase, when a new technology like JavaBeans appears, people are interested in how to create their own bean. Developers spend a lot of time trying to understand the language specifications, coding style and so on. In the second phase, they become interested in how they can integrate their programs with each other and try to make them rich. Finally, developers learn how to handle the new technology and try to embrace it for use in real-life applications.

It seems that we are still in the first stage right now, and with this book, we want to open the door of the next phase of JavaBeans technology. Therefore, this book is about assembling JavaBeans. Although we do give an introduction to what JavaBeans are, beans themselves are not the main topic of the book. Rather, we concentrate on how to find, connect, customize, and deploy JavaBeans in an enterprise environment.

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