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Java Networking

Book Title : JNDI API Tutorial and Reference
eBook download format(s) : HTM
ISBN-10 : 0201705028 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-201705-02-7 
Author(s) : Rosanna Lee Scott Seligman 
Publisher : Addison-Wesley Professional (02 Jun 2000)
Section : Java Networking
Book Review:
Aimed at the Java developer who wants to program with corporate directories, the JNDI API Tutorial and Reference provides a notably comprehensive tour of basic and advanced topics in JNDI programming. Featuring dozens of useful code excerpts that show just how to do it, this practically minded guide is all you need to use this powerful API standard effectively.

This book includes a printed version of Sun's online JNDI tutorial that is bundled with a comprehensive guide to JNDI classes. First, the authors show you how to get and up and running with JNDI and how to handle basic look-ups in directories. (A practical note is that this title is excellent when describing the actual error messages and "common problems" that you might face in your code, and how to resolve them.) While many programmers will use this book to learn how to search, read, and write directory entries, they'll find it good at explaining how JNDI fits in with other directory standards, too (such as LDAP). The authors also cover how to access multiple "federations" of directories, as well as hooking into directory "events" or notifications. For experts, more advanced sections look at the ins and outs of creating your own directory servers. The last 300 pages provide a worthy reference to every JNDI class (with over 80 classes) and every property and method, along with links to the examples in the first tutorial section that illustrate each class in action.

Whether you're someone who just wants to get started with directory programming, or if you'll be designing JNDI servers from the ground up, you'll find the JNDI API Tutorial and Reference to be a solid resource for effective directory programming for Java developers of all levels. --Richard Dragan

Topics covered: Basic and advanced tutorial for the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI), naming conventions using strings and URLs, directory basics: attributes, directory services, and searches; directory and object stores, JNDI overview: architecture, context, names, bindings, and references; LDAP support, federations, basic JNDI programming examples, common problems and solutions, tutorial for simple naming and directory operations, storing and retrieving Java objects in directories, state and object factories, tips for combining JNDI and LDAP directory programming, creating a JNDI-enabled service provider, and reference to all JNDI classes.

Book Description
This book provides an introduction to naming and directory technologies and an overview of the Java Naming and Directory Interface(tm) (JNDI). The tutorial in this book progresses from the most basic to advanced JNDI capabilities and techniques, including more than 200 working examples that demonstrate writing, compiling, and running directory-enabled Java(tm) programs. In addition, this book contains a comprehensive reference section that documents all JNDI classes and interfaces. The accompanying CD-ROM includes JNDI software and service providers, the Java 2 platform, and the hypertext version of the Java Tutorials, the JDBC(tm) tutorials, and the JNDI tutorial. JNDI enables programs written in the Java programming language to access naming and directory services-a vital element of the complex distributed computing environment for today's enterprise systems. A platform-independent interface, JNDI allows Java applications to work with standard and proprietary services from a variety of vendors-including the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Novell Directory Service (NDS), Microsoft Active Directory, and the Solaris(tm) Operating Environment Network Information Service (NIS)-so that enterprises need not lock into a single-vendor solution. Specific topics covered include: Accessing the LDAP via JNDI Using the directory as an object repository Configuring a JNDI client Handling event notifications from the directory Creating a federation of naming systems Building a JNDI service provider All developers using the Java programming language to write applications or subsystems that access naming and directory services will find this book an indispensable resource.

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