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Book Title : A Short Course in Discrete Mathematics
eBook download format(s) : HTM
ISBN-10 : 0486439461 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-486439-46-4 
Author(s) : Edward A. Bender S. Gill Williamson 
Publisher : Dover Publications (13 Dec 2004)
Section : Mathematics
Book Review:

Book Description
This publication was originally made in response to the students' need for a mathematics text related tot he study of computer science. This book does assume some familiarity of calculus.

Discrete mathematics is an essential tool in almost all subareas of computer science. Interesting and challenging problems in discrete mathematics arise in programming languages, computer architecture, networking, distributed systems, database systems, AI, theoretical computer science, and other areas.

This textbook is the first part of the two series of book, used to teach two-quarter course sequence in discrete mathematics that includes Boolean arithmetic, combinatorics, elementary logic, induction, graph theory and finite probability in the University of California, San Diego (USCD). These courses are core undergraduate requirements for majors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Mathematics-Computer Science.

This text, A Short Course in Discrete Mathematics, was developed for the first quarter and the other text, Mathematics for Algorithm and System Analysis was developed for the second quarter.

This book consists of six units of study (Boolean Functions and Computer Arithmetic; Logic; Number Theory and Cryptography; Sets and Functions; Equivalence and Order; and Induction, Sequences and Series), each divided into two sections. Each section contains a representative selection of problems. These vary from basic to more difficult, including proofs for study by mathematics students or honors students.

The review questions. 'Multiple Choice Questions for Review' appear at the end of each unit. The explanatory material in this book is directed towards giving students the mathematical language and sophistication to recognize and articulate the ideas behind these questions and to answer questions that are similar in concept and difficulty. Many variations of these questions have been successfully worked on exams by most beginning students using this book at UCSD.

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