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Book Title : Elementary Mathematics
eBook download format(s) : html html 
Author(s) : William Chen Xian Duong 
Section : Mathematics
Book Review:

About the Notes
These are the first of two lecture notes used for Math130 - Mathematics IE course at the Department of Mathematics, Macquarie University.

Mathematics IE is the standard entry-level mathematics unit for students who have not had the benefit of a detailed introduction to the calculus that is equivalent to a reasonably high level of the NSW HSC Mathematics course. This unit then serves as a prerequisite for further study in mathematics. Taken by itself, it provides the basic mathematical knowledge required by students in other disciplines.

Fundamental skills in algebra are developed at the outset and used to study basic topics in mathematics such as trigonometry, indices and logarithms, equations and inequalities, as well as progressions. The notion of differential and integral calculus is developed to a reasonable level, sufficient for many simple applications in other areas such as commerce, science and technology.


Although there is no formal prerequisite, readers should be familiar with certain topics included in here.

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