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Book Title : Optimization of Business Processes: An Introduction to Applied Stochastic Modeling
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Author(s) : Ger Koole
Section : Miscellaneous
Book Review:

Notes Description
These lecture notes pay attention to all aspects of the modeling process, while giving a central place to the business problem. This is what makes these lecture notes different from most other books on operations research, in which the model and its solution techniques are the only subjects. This does not mean that these lecture notes could be read instead of an introductory book on models and solution techniques. On the contrary, these notes can well be used for a graduate course in applications of OR/MS, assuming that the student already followed introductory courses in operations research and probability. At the same time, certain chapters should be also appealing to students with a more qualitative background, and that they help to give a sound idea of the possibilities of operations research for solving business problems.

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