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Book Title : Software Product Management: Managing Software Development from Idea to Product to Marketing to Sales
eBook download format(s) : chm
ISBN-10 : 1587622025 
ISBN-13 : 978-1-587622-02-1 
Author(s) : Dan Conde
Publisher : Aspatore Books (Sep 2002)
Section : Sales, Marketing & Trading
Book Review:

Book Description
Software Product Management decodes the software product management process with an emphasis on coordinating the needs of stakeholders ranging from engineering, sales, and product support to technical writing and marketing. Based on real-world experience in managing the development of enterprise software, this book details how a team can work together smoothly to achieve their goal of releasing a superior software product on time.

Instead of being a step-by-step cookbook that attempts to meet everyone's needs, the book guides managers to develop the framework appropriate for their organizations and company goals, understand the tradeoffs, and make the right decisions. The book also addresses the challenges of product management in a period of increased commoditization of software technology products. By providing a historical context for the evolution of today's software marketplace, it presents ideas for prospering in a still rapidly changing environment.

Dispensing practical, usable information for experts and novices alike, Software Product Management is quickly becoming the go-to reference in the library of every product manager, programmer, CTO, and entrepreneur and anyone interested personally or professionally in software.

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