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Book Title : IP Storage Networking Straight to the Core
eBook download format(s) : chm
ISBN-10 : 0321159608 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-321159-60-1 
Author(s) : Gary Orenstein
Publisher : Addison-Wesley Professional (02 Jun 2003)
Section : Networking
Book Review:

Product Description
"For those considering network storage consolidation, Straight to the Core walks the reader through both the how and why of IP and Ethernet's flexibility." Larry Boucher, CEO Alacritech"A forward-looking work with excellent technical content. Orenstein knows his stuff...enough technical meat to satisfy the engineers and business overview of continuance strategies to satisfy CIOs/managers/planners."Tom Clark, SNIA board member and author of IP SANsMaximizing the business value of enterprise storage technology Soon, you'll be managing 100x more data than you are today -- with even greater demands for availability and business continuity. IP Storage Networking: Straight to the Core gives you a complete blueprint for meeting that challenge. Enterprise storage expert Gary Orenstein delivers expert guidance for evaluating, architecting, and implementing IP-based storage technologies...and for maximizing the business value of storage across a range of your requirements. Orenstein covers all this, and more: * Enterprise storage networking: current options, future trends * New storage strategies: from disaster recovery to operational agility * A complete software infrastructure for managing enterprise storage * The evolution of distributed storage intelligence * Outsourcing storage and managing storage-related SLAs * IP-based SANs: iSCSI, topologies, security, and other key issues * Implementing policies that protect data and facilitate recovery * Measuring and maximizing ROI on enterprise storage investments Whether you're a technical or business professional, IP Storage Networking: Straight to the Core will help you develop storage action plans that leverage innovation to maximize value on every dime you invest. Addison-WesleyPearson EducationISBN: 0-321-15960-8

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