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Book Title : The Networking CD Bookshelf
eBook download format(s) : HTML HTML 
ISBN-10 : 1565925238 1565925122 1565923227 1565922220 1565922786 1565921488 1565921240 
ISBN-13 : 978-1-565925-23-6 978-1-565925-12-0 978-1-565923-22-5 978-1-565922-22-8 978-1-565922-78-5 978-1-565921-48-1 978-1-565921-24-5 
Author(s) : O'Reilly & Associates
Section : Networking
Book Review:
Practically every network administrator has a shelf full of O'Reilly animal books to help decode the mysteries of software, services, and connectivity techniques--but that multicolored bookshelf isn't too portable. Now, harried administrators who have technical problems away from the office need only load The Networking CD Bookshelf in their laptops and be on their way. This single disk holds the full text of six popular O'Reilly titles--TCP/IP Network Administration, DNS and BIND, Sendmail, Sendmail Desktop Reference, Practical Unix and Internet Security, and Building Internet Firewalls--making it an excellent value.

When you load the disk, an HTML welcome page pops up in your browser, allowing you to view the table of contents of any of the books. From there, you can drill down to the specific chapter and section that contains the information you're looking for. The disk also includes a combined index of all six books, so it's easy to find the information that interests you. The text itself contains links to related sections, as well as all illustrations. Though it's possible to perform a full-text search on all six books, this Java-based feature seems rather slow.
The publisher packs this CD-ROM with a traditional printed copy of DNS and BIND, Third Edition, as a bonus, but The Networking CD Bookshelf CD-ROM represents an excellent value by itself. --David Wall

Book Description Network Administrators increasingly rely on the Web, online help, and other online information sources to solve information pain. Now O'Reilly's Networking CD Bookshelf gives you convenient online access to your favorite books from your CD-ROM drive.

The Networking CD Bookshelf contains a powerhouse of O'Reilly Animal Guides for network administrators. Included are complete, unabridged versions of TCP/IP Network Administration, 2nd Edition; sendmail, 2nd Edition; sendmail Desktop Reference;DNS and BIND, 3rd Edition;Practical UNIX & Internet Security, 2nd Edition; and Building Internet Firewalls. As a bonus, the new hardcopy version of DNS and BIND, 3rd Edition is also included.

Never has it been easier to learn, or look up, what you need to know online. Formatted in HTML, The Networking CD Bookshelf can be accessed with any Web browser. The books are fully searchable and cross-referenced. In addition to individual indexes for each book, a master index for the entire library is provided.

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