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Book Title : Who is controlling your Mind?
eBook download format(s) : HTM HTM 
Author(s) : Suryanarayana Rao C
Section : Novels
Book Review:

All those who tried the method invariably reported positive impacts even with a short period of practice. This indicated the great potential of this uniquely simple, easily started and sustained "Beginners' method ". It can lay the foundation for pursuit of higher levels practices, if one so desires. Perhaps no other popular method can give so many benefits without needing any effort or time.

Through this article on the web and other media, the author hopes to spread this method to people around the World. It would help people gain relief in mind and body and enjoy comfort without making any change in thier daily routine at home and office. C S Rao's website address is, where you may find more comments, and latest version of the book.

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