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Book Title : Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes
eBook download format(s) : rar
ISBN-10 : 0884153150 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-884153-15-3 
Author(s) : Ph.D., Sami Matar Ph.D., Lewis F. Hatch 
Publisher : Gulf Professional Publishing (15 Mar 2001)
Section : Other Engineering
Book Review:

Book Description
In Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes, readers find a handy and valuable source of information containing insights into petrochemical reactions and products, process technology, and polymer synthesis. The book reviews and describes the reactions and processes involved in transforming petroleum-based hydrocarbons into the chemicals that form the basis of the multi-billion dollar petrochemical industry. In addition, the book includes information on new process developments for the production of raw materials and intermediates for petrochemicals that have surfaced since the book's first edition.

Provides a quick understanding of the chemical reactions associated with oil and gas processing

Contains insights into petrochemical reactions and products, process technology, and polymer synthesis

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