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Book Title : Nextstep Programming: Step One : Object-Oriented Applications/Book and Disk
eBook download format(s) :
ISBN-10 : 0387978844 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-387978-84-0 
Author(s) : Simson, L. Garfinkel Michael K. Mahoney 
Publisher : Springer-Verlag Telos (Mar 1993)
Section : Unix OS
Book Review:

A comprehensive, practical work that teaches programmers how to write application programs that take full advantage of the NeXTSTEP operating environment (through Version 3.0). The included floppy disk contains the complete source code for all programs in the book and a tutorial for Interface Builder. It can be read on either a NeXTstation or a PC running NeXTSTEP 486.

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