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Book Title : Astronomy and Astrophysics in the New Millennium
eBook download format(s) : HTML
ISBN-10 : 0309070376 
ISBN-13 : 978-0-309070-37-9 
Author(s) : National Research Council
Publisher : National Academies Press (Nov 2001)
Section : Physics
Book Review:

Book Description
Humanity has always looked at the heavens in fascination, but now we have the tools to make precise observations.
In this new book, a distinguished panel makes recommendations for the nation's programs in astronomy and astrophysics, including a number of new initiatives for observing the universe. With the goal of optimum value, the recommendations address the role of federal research agencies, allocation of funding, training for scientists, competition and collaboration among space facilities, and much more.

The book identifies the most pressing science questions and explains how specific efforts, from the Next Generation Space Telescope to theoretical studies, will help reveal the answers.

Astronomy has significant impact on science in general as well as on public imagination. The committee discusses how to integrate astronomical discoveries into our education system and our national life.

Book Info
A text surveying the opportunities for new discoveries in astronomy in astrophysics, recommending priorities for initiatives that will enable astronomers to make those discoveries. Discusses the exciting new questions being addressed in astronomy today. Includes detailed color photographs and images of space and its phenomena. Softcover, hardcover also available.

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