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American College of Medical Genetics - Standards and Guidelines for Clinical Genetics Laboratories
American Society of Gene Therapy - Policy/Position Statements
American Society of Human Genetics - Policy Papers and Reports
Asociaciˇn Espa˝ola de Pediatria - Protocolos de GenÚtica [Espa˝ol]

Catalogs of Genes of Interest in Endocrinology and Reproduction - Illinois State Academy of Science
Center for Human Genetics - Boston University
Clinical Teratology Web - University of Washington - Seattle
Computational Biology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
CDC - Birth Defects
CDC - Genetics and Genomics
Clinical Molecular Genetics Society (UK) - Best Practice Guidelines
Cochrane Cystic Fibrosis and Genetic Disorders Group
Deutsche Gesellschaft fŘr Humangenetik - Richtlinien und Stellungnahmen [Deutsch]
DNA Sequencing Core - University of Michigan
DOE Joint Genome Institute
Dysmorphic Human-Mouse Homology Database - University of London
European Society of Human Genetics - Public and Professional Policy Committee
Electronic PCR - NCBI
Ensembl Genome Browser
Entrez Gene - NCBI
Entrez Genome - NCBI
Entrez GEO - Gene Expression Omnibus - NCBI
Entrez Nucleotide - NCBI
Entrez Protein - NCBI
Entrez Taxonomy - NCBI
euGenes: Human Genes
FDA - Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research - Cellular and Gene Therapy
Genomics and World Health - WHO
Global Strategies to Reduce the health-care Burden of Craniofacial Anomalies - WHO
GDB Human Genome Database
Genatlas - Jean FrÚzal
GENETHON [Franšais]
Genetic linkage analysis - Rockefeller University
GenLink - Washington University in St. Louis
Genome Database - Japan Science and Technology Corporation
Genome Machine - University of Washington, Seattle
Genome Sequencing Center - Washington University in St. Louis
GenomeNet - Kyoto University
Genomic Biology - NCBI
Genoscope [Franšais]
German Human Genome Project
Global registry and database on craniofacial anomalies - WHO
Human Genetics Society of Australasia - Policies
International Federation of Human Genetics Societies - Policies, Endorsements and Recommendations
Mountain States Genetics Network
National Human Genome Research Institute - Policy and Ethics
Office of Genetic Testing, Division of Laboratory Systems
WHO - Human Genetics Programme
WHO - The Genomic Resource Centre

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